ASCOPHARM Ressources

ASCOPHARM RESSOURCES was integrated in 1997, in order to develop a stand-alone training centre able to provide good practical training to external scientists willing to learn about Clinical Research.

In that objective, ASCOPHARM RESSOURCES has obtained certification as an independent training organism, from Work Ministry in France (Direction du Travail, De l'Emploi et de la Recherche).

Since that early time, ASCOPHARM RESSOURCES deliver training sessions to young scientists who consider a career as CRAs. During the first years of existence, up to 4 sessions were organised each year, with a 120-hour theoretical course, followed-up by a 4-6 month mandatory internship in a pharmaceutical (or CRO) company.

From that early time, more than 400 scientists have undergone that training in order to become CRAs, a number of them being recruited by ASCOPHARM group. Thus, Certain of the Group managers of ASCOPHARM were former student from ASCOPHARM RESSOURCES training centre.

In 2002, ASCOPHARM RESSOURCES training centre has signed an exclusive partnership with University of Caen in order to develop a joined training program. Now the CRA training program is delivered jointly by University of Caen (3-week first part training) and ASCOPHARM Ressources (2-week practical training). This training is completed by a 6-month mandatory internship in a pharmaceutical company, a CRO company or a public organism involved in research. The training program ends with a thesis submission, and is validated by a specific recognised graduation (University Diploma).

In order to comply with high quality standards and to permit practical organization of that training program, only 2 sessions (15-20 students) are organized each year.

With last improvements of the group, ASCOPHARM Ressources develops and delivers frequently, training programs for starting-up studies. These programs are Clinical Team oriented and/or Investigational Centre oriented, and frequently involve e-Training programs.

ASCOPHARM Ressources is also now involved in Human Resource services for the group and manages most of the financial services provided to Pharmaceutical Industry.

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