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ASCOPHARM is the original CRO structure of the group. ASCOPHARM was founded in early 1995, with an original structure of a non-profit foundation. This was to funnel the message that clinical research was the primary objective of the group and finance was a tool and not an objective.

During its last 10 years of existence, several innovative concepts were developed and implemented within the group. Each major innovation motivated the creation of a niche structure.

- That was the case of ASCOPHARM RESSOURCES which was the training centre created in early 1998. ASCOPHARM RESSOURCES has now responsibilities for training and is involved also in dedicated personnel management and financial services (payments to patients and investigators). Also the training centre has merged in 2002 with University of Caen, France and delivers now a University Degree in Clinical research monitoring.

- Also in year 2000, ASCOPHARM LOGISTICS was created in order to manage documents, non-pharmaceutical products and material needed for clinical studies which represents a significant warehousing surface and activity. The logistic centers provides services both to internal projects conducted by ASCOPHARM and to client independent projects.

- In late 2002, a holding structure was created, with the name of NOVASCO, in order to integrate financially the different substructures of the group.

- Finally, in September 2004, NOVASCO GROUP has signed a master agreement with an Information Service & Data Processing company specialized in the development of clinical research software. Thus, ARONE has integrated NOVASCO Group within that franchise agreement.

- Further developments have yet included the signature of an exclusive partnership with an investigational group in oncology (ARCAGY Group GINECO) specialised in the field of female cancers, and creation of a subsidiary based in Dublin, Irl. For International business development (ASCOPHARM Irl. Ltd.). Future developments include negotiation and signature of key other partnerships and international development.

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