ASCOPHARM is the original CRO structure of the group. ASCOPHARM was founded in early 1995, by personnel with significant experience in drug development management. This experience had been gained through years of work with both pharmaceutical companies and CROs, particularly its founders, Dr. Hervé Karsenty, General Manager and Medical Director, and Mrs Nelly Rémond, Director of Operations.

ASCOPHARM was founded and developed on the basis of four main concepts:

  • Achieving and ensuring high quality in all scientific work,
  • Working entirely within a non-profit system, to guarantee unbiased and devoted clinical research (Status of a non-profit "Association Loi 1901"),
  • Forming a real partnership with pharmaceutical companies,
  • Creating an atmosphere in all aspects of research, which is both friendly and efficient.

To date ASCOPHARM has developed a variety of services, from study conception to publication, all performed by highly experienced personnel:

  • Medical and clinical research writing,
  • Central randomisation,
  • Clinical study affairs:
    • Clinical research monitoring services,
    • Medical/safety monitoring and review,
    • Epidemiology and Post Marketing Surveillance
  • Regulatory affairs,
  • Data management,
  • Biostatistics,
  • Training Services,
  • Logistic Services,
  • Clinical study budget management, including investigator payments, patient management, etc.

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