Monitoring at ASCOPHARM is organized into several small operational groups of 3 to 6 CRAs. This structure creates a friendly and comprehensive working environment and better effectiveness of the teams.
The majority of our CRAs are significantly experienced or senior, with 3 to 10 years field activity. Since ASCOPHARM has significant operational activities in several european countries, language skills are also encouraged inside the group. Thus we have CRAs with good fluency in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. Beside that, ASCOPHARM devotes important budget and time to training, which includes training of young professionals, internship programs, and regular training updates for all personnel.

ASCOPHARM monitoring services can provide partial or total monitoring support for a clinical study, following either ASCOPHARM's or the sponsor's Standard Operating Procedures:

  • Feasibility assessment of a protocol,
  • Start-up meeting,
  • Centre Selection,
  • Investigator meetings,
  • Individual investigator meetings,
  • Monitoring and investigator contact,
  • Close-out visits,

In addition to performing study monitoring, ASCOPHARM can assist clients in selecting and finding a sufficient number of investigators with good recruitment and a high quality way of conduct studies, for each particular program, based on ASCOPHARM large experience and investigators database.

Regional presence of CRAs have been developed during the last years, in order to improve relationship with investigator networks and to better control costs of monitoring activities.
Regional presence covers French territory and is effective through home-based CRAs in the following locations :

  • One home-based CRA in Rennes,
  • One home-based CRA in Lyon,
  • One home-based CRA in Marseille,
  • One home-based CRA in Toulouse,
  • One home-based CRA in Nancy.

In addition, to fixed local presence, temporary regionalization is possible for certain specific programs, when necessary. On request of different pharmaceutical sponsors CRAs may be also dedicated and based sponsors offices, for the duration of a specific mission.

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