• Biostatistics activities are performed by senior or junior Statisticians: each step of the process is validated by the Biostatistics Manager before being presented to the sponsor.
  • Biostatistics department offers internal and external resources (outsourcing).
  • All statisticians are trained to the Biostatistics Standard Operating Procedures and involved in the updating of these procedures.
  • ASCOPharm Biostatistics department guarantees a high level of quality in the following tasks:
    • Methodology advice
    • Formulation or validation of statistical section of protocols
    • Sample size calculation
    • Randomization list generation
    • Statistical analysis plan
    • SAS programming (Base, Stat, Macro, Graph)
    • Statistical report
    • Integrated Clinical report
    • Summary of all statistical methodologies and results

Our current activities involve Phase II, III, IV studies and epidemiologic surveys:

VIH, Oncology, Kidney graft, Ophthalmology, Assisted medical procreation, Iron deficiency, Sleep pathologies…

For clinical studies, all of our documents (analysis plan, reports) are ICH-compliant. For Epidemiologic surveys, those documents are adapted following the project requirements. 

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